Colombo Consulting is

Operative Consulting  


We develop Process Improvement Projects following Competitive Quality’s rationales and procedures: Cost Reduction and Customer Satisfaction to improve the Competitiveness of your company

Check-up Analysis and Process Improvement:

we analyze your processes and compare them with Competitive Quality processes, we propose structured action plans to improve: management, organization, methods, tools, training

Crash Projects for Product Quality Improvement:

we organize and conduct crash projects to improve the quality of your products: method and tools.

Lean Quality System: efficiency and effectiveness into your Quality System

We provide support for setting up a quality system that is consistent with the principles of ISO and also functional to Competitiveness, by applying Lean - Six Sigma methodologies: effectiveness and efficiency

Quality Cost Management: getting the Customer Satisfied lowering the Costs

any qualitative deficiency causes an increase of costs, these wastes significantly erode the margins of companies and are often not fully known; their proper quantification is the first step (Quality Cost Analysis), followed by a competitive quality management aimed at reducing them (Quality Cost Management)

Preparation and maintenance of certifications:

We support companies in the development and maintenance of ISO certifications:

  • ISO 9000 ed ISOTS 16949
  • ISO 14000
  • ISO 18000



We offer the possibility to implement integrated projects for Process Improvement of Operations: Manufacturing, Purchasing and Quality.

Our interventions are usually developed in two phases:

  • Training in the classroom and on-the-job
  • Operational Support for the implementation and consolidation

Methods and tools we propose for the Production Area:

Lean Production, TPM, JIT, SMED, 5S, Visual Management;


Methods and tools we propose for the Purchasing department:

Lead Time Reduction, Total Cost of Purchase, Supply Chain Management, Cost & Price Analysis, Marketing, Purchase, Vendor Rating, Performance Improvement of Strategic Suppliers


Methods and tools we propose for Quality:

Quality Cost Management, Lean Six Sigma, APQP, Problem Solving


Call us for more information on the methodology used that best suits your needs...

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Operative Consulting We develop Process Improvement Projects following Competitive Quality’s rationales and procedures



Supplier Quality A “not capable” supplier always charges its inefficiencies to its customers



Temporary Quality Manager An Interim Manager is NOT a consultant but she/he is a manager who works for a defined period



Coaching The Coaching is conducted by experienced Quality Managers and develops alternating phases of one-on-one training with periods of on-the-job training



Advisor Quality is a business factor: the lack of quality generates costs and Wastes sometimes fatal to the income statement of the company



Training Our Competitive Quality methods and tools training is characterized and distinguished from the others by the direct support that we give