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Quality Advisor 

Your problem:

The level of optimal quality for the business can be achieved through an incisive intervention in business processes, modifying organization, methods and tools.

This result can be achieved through a specialist support provided by a Consultant or by a Temporary Manager​.

Once expected level in reached often begins the most delicate phase of Consolidation and Continuous Improvement; it is not uncommon that some companies have lost in a short time all benefits achieved, even wasting significant economic investments.

There may be many causes, essentially can be summarized as follows: lacking of rigor, lacking of supervision on the processes implemented, lacking of professional training.

Our solution:

A Quality Advisor to protects owners and stakeholders ensuring an adequate supervision on processes, to be operated from outside the company.

The Quality Advisor will refer directly to the property or to the board and she/he cares of:

  • KPI’s defining, managing and monitoring
  • Carrying out processes audit
  • Promptly reporting drifts
  • Setting of recovery action plans
  • Promoting continuous improvement
  • Managing special projects or special customers
  • Participating in the executive meeting

A structured supervision helps prevent relapse and to promote improvement.

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Operative Consulting We develop Process Improvement Projects following Competitive Quality’s rationales and procedures



Supplier Quality A “not capable” supplier always charges its inefficiencies to its customers



Temporary Quality Manager An Interim Manager is NOT a consultant but she/he is a manager who works for a defined period



Coaching The Coaching is conducted by experienced Quality Managers and develops alternating phases of one-on-one training with periods of on-the-job training



Advisor Quality is a business factor: the lack of quality generates costs and Wastes sometimes fatal to the income statement of the company



Training Our Competitive Quality methods and tools training is characterized and distinguished from the others by the direct support that we give


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