You want to work following  Competitive Quality methods Our Check-up Analysis identifies strengths, weaknesses and opportunities
You refuse to continue paying the cost of your Supplier’s inefficiencies Our Focused Improvement Process implements structured improvement in your supplier’s processes with a mutual benefit
You need to improve your processes through a direct intervention Our Temporary Quality Manager will introduce and manage the process improvement needed
You need to train and support your new Quality Manager Our Coaching project can teach and train on-the-job your QM on methods, tools, management
You need to manage a special project: Start-up, Crash Program, Turn around …? Our expert Temporary Quality Manager can support and manage all these projects
You need an additional external control to assure adequacy of management and result Our Quality Advisor assures you compliances of processes identifying opportunities
You need not only a teacher but even a trainer and a facilitator to implement new methods and tools Our Quality Tools and Methods Training offers a training-on-the job phase after training in classroom
You need an Integrated Process Improvement project for your Operational Our team of Operational Performance Improvement offers integrated projects for Manufacturing, Purchasing and Quality