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Supplier quality  

A “not capable” supplier always charges its inefficiencies to its customers;
our offer of a Focused Improvement Process of Strategic / Critical Suppliers is the right answer to eliminate those inefficiencies that are effecting your results.

Your Problem:

There are Supplier that you cannot eliminate, due to many reasons:

  • For product or technological aspects that make them irreplaceable
  • For binding contracts
  • Because they are imposed by your Customers
  • Because it would cost too much to replace them with a new Supplier

But sometimes these Suppliers have not the quality level needed, these are some consequences:

  • Excessive costs of the product, through which bad suppliers cover their inefficiencies,
  • Delayed delivery due to problems of quality,
  • Waste and disturbance to production lines of their Customer,
  • Cost of Warrantees, only partially charged to suppliers
  • Loss of a customer due to problems caused by your Suppliers

Our Solution:

We propose a Focused Improvement Process (CSL3) that helps your Suppliers to increase the effectiveness and efficiency of their processes.

Our Focused Improvement Process will review the organization, the processes and the tools of your Supplier, organizing them for an effective and efficient Quality Management.

The benefits also will fall upon you: regular deliveries, reduction of scraps, quality and reliability of your products, your customers' satisfaction.
Our Focused Improvement Process can also be considered part of an overall management of Supplier Quality: Preventive Evaluation, Qualification, Monitoring, Focused Improvement Process.


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Operative Consulting We develop Process Improvement Projects following Competitive Quality’s rationales and procedures



Supplier Quality A “not capable” supplier always charges its inefficiencies to its customers



Temporary Quality Manager An Interim Manager is NOT a consultant but she/he is a manager who works for a defined period



Coaching The Coaching is conducted by experienced Quality Managers and develops alternating phases of one-on-one training with periods of on-the-job training



Advisor Quality is a business factor: the lack of quality generates costs and Wastes sometimes fatal to the income statement of the company



Training Our Competitive Quality methods and tools training is characterized and distinguished from the others by the direct support that we give