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Temporary Manager 

An Interim Manager is NOT a consultant but she/he is a manager who works for a defined period, typically 6 to 12 months depending on the contract, with the full power provided for in the role.

We offer the opportunity to have in your company some managers, also oversized with respect to the ordinary needs, available for a period of time to promote and manage change processes and to address specific or extraordinary situations such as:

Start-up of new Products and new Processes

these are activities that often require dedicated team of specialists, sometimes these are difficult to be identified inside the company, if not penalizing processes or products that are already in place

Crash Projects for Quality Performance Improvement:

a skilled manager can coordinate and finalize the improvement teams to achieve the expected goals, also introducing the tools of Competitive Quality

Management Turnover:

to replace a Quality Manager who has resigned or retired with an experienced manager able to dive immediately into your needs and to manage or re-engineer your quality processes, to prepare the entrance of the future Quality Manager in a painless and also profitable way

Corporate reorganizations for the Improvement of Competitiveness:

questi interventi complessi richiedono: this requires complex interventions: knowledge of the processes and methodologies, evolved managerial skills and organizational experience. A Temporary QM is all about.

Specific projects:

for example as part of a Turnaround team

Integrated and Progressive Managerial Intervention:

Our offer is liable to meet any need for management support:

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Operative Consulting We develop Process Improvement Projects following Competitive Quality’s rationales and procedures



Supplier Quality A “not capable” supplier always charges its inefficiencies to its customers



Temporary Quality Manager An Interim Manager is NOT a consultant but she/he is a manager who works for a defined period



Coaching The Coaching is conducted by experienced Quality Managers and develops alternating phases of one-on-one training with periods of on-the-job training



Advisor Quality is a business factor: the lack of quality generates costs and Wastes sometimes fatal to the income statement of the company



Training Our Competitive Quality methods and tools training is characterized and distinguished from the others by the direct support that we give